Special purpose Load cell

1) Seat belt load cell

Parameter Description
Capacity (R.C) 2tf
Nonlinearity 2% of R.O.
output (R.O) 2.5mV/V

2) Wire, Roller, Winch (Tension load cell)

Parameter Description
Rated capacity(R.C) 510kgf, 20kgf, 50kgf, 100kgf, 200kgf
Rated output(R.O) 1.5mV/V
Nonlinearity 0.05% of R.O.

3) Pedal effort load cell

Parameter Description
Rated capacity(R.C): 120kgf
Nonlinearity 0.15% of R.O.
Rated output (R.O) 1.2mV/V ± 0.4%

4) Gear shifting lever load cell

This can measure X and Y force of Gear shifting lever.
Parameter Description
Rated capacity (R.C) 500N
Non-linerality : 1 or 0.1 % RO

5) Multi axis load cell

2 and 3 component type available 6 axis available
Parameter Description
Rated capacity(R.C): 0.5mV/V
Non-Linearity 0.5% R.O.
Excitation recommended 10V
Note: size may vary according to customer’s request