• "Trilon Technology"
    Have business of trading, supplying & manufacturing in different streamlines.
  • Trilon delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions & Measurement systems

  • Trilon delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions & Measurement systems

Trilon Technology is driven by its core values - Honesty and Innovation. Check out our products and features included.

Who We Are

Trilon Technology has been founded by two technocrats from Electro-Mechanical & Information technology backgrounds. It is established as a joint venture by a competent team of professionals with years of longstanding industry experience.

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Our Services

Instrumentation & measurement systems

We provide both sensor components and sensor systems to measure different quantities in Mechanical, Physical, Electrical & Chemical sectors. Our measurement systems covers Sensors plus Data acquisition/ logging for Control and monitoring with dedicated & precise software. We deals in various measurement devises in Rotary & Linear motion, temperature, Load/force/Pressure, environmental qualitative analysis. Sound & vibration measurement equipments and hand held meters, analysers. Ultrasonic & Infrared based measurement systems.

Transducers and Sensors

Our broad range of products target diverse market segments, from consumer electronics to industrial automation to aerospace. We offer different types of transducers like Temperature, Load, Force, Torque, Pressure, Strain, Displacement measurements to OEM, industries or individuals. If your application requires a specific sensor, we can provide you a solution within a reasonable time frame.

Acoustic Enclosure and Noise Control

Trilon Technology offers a wide array of acoustic solutions & Expertise that spans all market segments. Customised solutions designed and constructed in response to any noise problem. Our commitment to design and manufacture top quality products to make the environment a quieter & peaceful. We are specialized in Acoustic Enclosure for noisy machineries like genset, turbine, compressor, chillers etc. Acoustic Barriers, Sound proof rooms, Studios, Research and Development Laboratories, Sound Absorbing Wall & Ceiling Linings as well as building Acoustics and Structure borne noise control. All products are customised & individually planned, engineered, built, delivered and installed.