Description :
CO meter is used for measuring the CO levels to 1000ppm. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that has no smell, color or taste. But it is very dangerous and reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood that causes you unwell, illness and death.

Features :
It can be used as a Base or Rover in RTK mode. Batteries can be switched by the hot-swappable way. You can survey as long as need due to high battery capacity.
• Backlit 4 dgt LCD with maximum 1000 counts.
• Sample rate: 1 time/second
• Max/Min/Average Hold.
• Data Hold.
• Low battery indication
• Auto power off with disable function
• Adjustable alarm.
• Sample rate: 1 time/second. At 23℃±0.5℃, RH<75%

Accuracy± (5%+2ppm)

mcen700x700_large526466 Description :
An excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) instrument measuring the carbon dioxide (CO2),
Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature. - Building HVAC monitoring. - Indoor air quality survey.
- Locate the presence of combustion fumes from vehicles and appliances.

Features :
• CO2 Sensing Method: NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared)
• Measures: Carbon dioxide in PPM, temperature (F or C), % Relative Humidity
• CO2 Measurement range: 0~9999 ppm (2001~9999 ppm over range)
• CO2 Accuracy: ± 60ppm, ± 5% of reading (0~2000 ppm)
• Display Resolution - ±1 ppm
• Datalogging:17,000 records,
• Fast USB download (50,000 records in less than 10 seconds.)

Features :
• Backlit LCD displays simultaneously formaldehyde (HCHO),temperature,humidity, easy to monitor.
• Occupational safety monitoring shows TWA (8 hours) and STEL (15 mins).
• Use high-precision electrochemical sensors.
• The maximum / minimum / average hold.
• Stores 200 records manually.
• Data hold.
• Formaldehyde maximum and minimum alarm value setting.

HCHO range 0.00~5.00 ppm (mg / m3)
Resolution 0.01 ppm (mg / m3)
Accuracy5% of reading ±0.03 ppm
Response time30 seconds
Temperature range-20~50°C / -4~122°F
Resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F
Accuracy 1.0°C/1.8°F
Humidity range5%~95% RH
Accuracy±5.0%RH (20~80%); ±8.0%RH (<20%, >80%)

Designed by :Pranav Dhumne

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