Our products Acoustic Enclosure and Noise Control Instrumentation & measurement systems Transducers and Sensors

Trilon Technology has been founded by two technocrats from Electro-Mechanical & Information technology backgrounds. It is established as a joint venture by a competent team of professionals with years of longstanding industry experience.

Who We Are

At Trilon, we believe that we are in business for the sole purpose of providing solutions that help customers improve their processes and/ or performance of their products. Which is why, all activities at Trilon are aligned to this core purpose Trilon delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions & Measurement systems to enhance your life with an excellent Service Support. With sight and sound, touch and smell we establish communication with the world around us. Just as our eyes sense light and our ears sense sound and relay that information to our brain enabling us to sense the environment, We cater advance technology sensors & systems for Industries to comfort the Man-Machine world.

Along with both sensor components and measurement systems we manufactures wide range of noise control products such as Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic lagging of pipelines, Turbine Enclosures, Control Cabinets, Sound Absorbing Wall & Ceiling Linings, Acoustic Doors & Windows, Silencers, Air Intake and Exhaust Ducts, Acoustic Lining of Generators / Excitors / Ejectors as well as Room / Building Acoustics and Structure borne noise control.

Our broad range of product targets diverse market segments from Consumer Electronics to Industrial Automation, Automotive, Engineering, Power-oil, Defense, R&D, Educational Institutes & Aerospace.


We are committed to leveraging leading global technology to raise customer performance to the next level with our disciplined range of flawless products.

We believe that the key to success is only a satisfaction of customer; hence we will strive to meet the needs and demands of our customers with a quality product and unsurpassed customer service.

Core Values

Trilon Technology is driven by its core values - Honesty and Innovation. Honesty helps us keep our feet firmly on the ground and innovation enables us keep up with the times. These values guide us to reach our goals.