Description :
GPS/INS provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under the most demanding conditions high accuracy roll, pitch and heading make it well suited for surveying applications. It supports L1 RTK which gives it significantly enhanced positioning accuracy of 2cm. The system supports connection of a high resolution wheel speed sensor or odometer which allows it to maintain accurate data through GPS outages and continue surveys through tunnels and other areas where GPS signals are not available. Spatial also supports kinematic post-processing providing positioning accuracy of 1cm.

• Horizontal Position Accuracy 2.0 m
• Vertical Position Accuracy 3.0 m
• Horizontal Position Accuracy(with RTK) 0.02 m
• Vertical Position Accuracy(with RTK) 0.03 m
• Horizontal Position Accuracy(Kinematica Post Processing) 0.01 m
• Vertical Position Accuracy(Kinematica Post Processing) 0.02 m
• Velocity Accuracy 0.05 m/sbr> • Roll & Pitch Accuracy 0.1 °
• Heading Accuracy(Dynamic with GNSS) 0.2 °
• Heading Accuracy(Magnetic Only) 0.8 °
• Roll & Pitch Accuracy(Kinematica Post Processing) 0.04 °
• Heading Accuracy(Kinematica Post Processing) 0.08 °

Designed by :Pranav Dhumne

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